Descent into Darkness (2017)

Title   Descent into Darkness (2017)
Year   2017
Duration   English
Genre   Horror, Crime, Found Footage
Description   Terrifying French horror movie about a journalist who arrives in Paris to film a documentary about the "European dream". A series of poor decisions and bad luck derail his project and drive him to a devastating state of madness…
Director   Rafaël Cherkaski
Writer   Rafaël Cherkaski
Cast   Rafaël Cherkaski, Simon-Pierre Boireau, Elodie Bouleau, Roland David, Charles Dhumerelle, Xavier Kerf, Corentin Koskas, Denis Larzilière, Loïc Lefebvre, Philippe Pasquini, Omar Salim
Country   France
Label   POV Horror
Territories   Excluding: FR
Media   Digital