Raw 3: The Revelation of Grete Muller (2015)

Title   Raw 3: The Revelation of Grete Muller (2015)
Year   2015
Duration   German
Genre   Horror, Thriller, Found Footage
Description   Linda is searching for her sister Ivana. Together with her boyfriend Tom she returns to the forest where the nightmare for her sister and many more people started.
Director   Marcel Walz
Writer   Mario von Czapiewski
Cast   Nina Fischer, Christian Stock, Witalij Kühne, Leoni Lee, Johanna Olbrich, David Buk, Isabelle Fitzgerald, Martin Kromer, Annika Strauss, Mika Metz, Lee Wang, Sind Zhang, Martin Giese, Timo Fuchser, Horst Trommler, Mario Trommler, Tanja Bucher, Florian Lucas, Ivana Konovic
Country   Germany
Label   POV Horror
Territories   Excluding: DE, ES, CH, AT, LU
Media   All