The Hart-Break Killer (2019)

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Title   The Hart-Break Killer (2019)
Year   2019
Duration   English
Genre   Horror
Description   Meet Robert. Robert has a little problem that just won't go away. He's a lonely guy looking for love in all the wrong places. He can't figure out what he wants but he wants what he can never have. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Robert Hart.
Director   Sean Donohue
Writer   Sean Donohue
Cast   Eight The Chosen One, Ashley Lynn Caputo, Anthony Wayne, Joe Makowski, Lexi Balestrieri, 'Sushii' Xhyette Holder, James Knowlton, Sean Donohue, Katie McKinley, Bob Glazier Fallen Angel, Anthony Guevara, Christopher Leto
Country   United States
Label   Dark Web Films
Territories   Worldwide
Media   Digital