OTT, CTV and Video Streaming.

The Future Is Now.


Almost 32% of US Households no longer subscribe to cable TV.

Nearly all of them now stream their content.

Our Numbers


Owned & Operated Channels. Growing by 10 Channels per month.


Monthly ad requests. 1 Million by Summer 2020.


App downloads. Growing at 20-30% per month.

Highly-viewable, non-skippable ads and attentive audiences.

The choice is yours. Through Play now Media’s extensive OTT/VOD viewers, brands can enjoy precision targeting a wide, broad audience, or a highly-engaged niche audience.

We can target via device (Roku, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, iOS/Android mobile, tablet and desktop), as well as by geo, content, audience and/or specific channels.

All within a brand-safe TV or TV-like experience.

Lower spend, higher return.


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